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Ambassador hosts a reception for Danish media

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On 30 April 2014, Ambasssador Vimon Kidchob hosted a reception for Danish media under the theme of “Discovering Thailand in Denmark” at her residence. The reception aimed to promote and familiarize Thailand among the Danish people and strengthen relations with the media in Denmark. The Thai Embassy offered the guests memorable experience with Thai cuisine such as fish cake (Tod Mun Pla), spicy chicken and galangal coconut soup (Tom Kha Gai), stir fired shrimp in yellow curry (Goong Pad Pong Garee), stir fried beef with mixed seasonal vegetables in oyster sauce (Nua Pad Nam Mun Hoi) , steamed mixed seafood in red curry (Hor Mok Talay) and stir fried pork with holy basil (Pad Krapow Moo). They had also a chance to taste fresh Thai fruits such as mango, mangosteen, rambutan and longan which were imported directly from Thailand including mango with sticky rice as a dessert.  During the reception, there was a demonstration of fruit and vegetable carving to captivate the guests’ interest. The guests also had the pleasure of viewing a Thai cultural dance performance, called “Fon Sao Mai” and listening to a piano musical piece called “Kamen Sai Yok” as well as learning about the history of piano and Thai traditional music. This has been a great opportunity for the Thai Embassy to outline the Embassy’s work, especially significant activities and work plans that have been carried out and will be happening this year. At the end of the reception, the Embassy gave the guests gift bags filled with Thai tourism promotion pamphlets and a small basket of fruits.

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