General Information about Visa Application

List of Countries

Non-Immigrant Visa (90 Days Visa such as Business, study, conference, seminar, film producer, journalist, voluntary job)

  • For the purpose of conducting business and conference (Category”B”) , not including employment
  • For the purpose of employment (Category”B”)
  • For the purpose of studying (Category”ED”)
  • For the purpose of research (Category “RS”)
  • For the purpose of religious activities (Category “R”)
  • For the purpose of working as a film-producer, journalist or reporter (Category “M”)
  • For the purpose of official duties (Category “F”) e.g., Military exercises or government assignments
  • For the purpose of visiting family (Type “O”)

Long Stay Visa for family  (One Year Visa)

Long Stay Visa for Retirement (One Year Visa)

Non-Immigrant Visa Category “O-X” (Long Stay for Retirement)

Three-Year Non-Immigrant Visa ‘B’ (Business only)

Useful info

Immigration Checkpoints in Thailand, please check Immigration Bureau for more information.


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