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Welcome Message

Sawaddee Kha…  Welcome to the website of the Royal Thai Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Thank you very much for your interest in visiting our website.  It is our hope that this website will provide our visitors with a user-friendly channel of information for those who are interested in Thailand.  We provide information mainly in 2 languages in Thai and English.  I use the word “mainly” because we do have certain section, especially the Visa section, in Danish for the convenience of our Danish friends.  Furthermore, we provide news and general information about Thailand and hope that you will learn more about Thailand from our website.  We also provide useful links for you to further explore about Thailand in more details.

For Thais, in addition to information about our consular services, we hope that through our website, Thais will learn more about Denmark, Lithuania and Iceland.  We provide useful information about Denmark, Lithuania and Iceland as well as useful links through which they can further look for more information according to their specific interests.

I wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation once again to all of you for visiting our website.  We welcome suggestions and recommendations, and will continuously look for ways and means to improve our website.

Khob Khun Kha/Thank you
Vimon Kidchob
Royal Thai Embassy
Copenhagen, Denmark

5 December 2012

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