Entering into Thailand from 1 November 2021 for travellers from Denmark and Lithuania

1. Thai nationals and foreign nationals travelling from Denmark or Lithuania are eligible for #ExemptionFromQuarantine if the following conditions are met :

1.1 Fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at least 14 days prior to travel #and

1.2 Have stayed in Denmark or Lithuania for at least 21 consecutive days (with an exception for Thais and non-Thais with residence in Thailand, who do not have to stay in Denmark or Lithuania for more than 21 days to be eligible for “No Quarantine” scheme)

2. If the above conditions are met, travellers must follow the measures below:

2.1 Book and pay for 1 night accommodation at SHA+ or Alternative Quarantine (AQ) hotels.

2.2 Have a negative RT-PCR test result within 72 hours prior to boarding.

2.3 Non-Thai travellers need health insurance with minimum coverage of 50,000 USD (Thai travellers do not need health insurance)

2.4 Take an RT-PCR test upon arrival in Thailand and must wait at the SHA+ or AQ hotel until a negative test result is obtained before traveling to another area/province.

3. From 1 November 2021, the Certificate of Entry (CoE) will be replaced by the new system called #ThailandPass. Traveller must register via https://tp.consular.go.th/ at least 7 days before departure. You will need to fill out the information and uploading relevant documents into the system. Once the registration is complete, you will receive a Thailand Pass QR code to use to enter Thailand.

The Thailand Pass system will open for registration from 1 November onwards. Therefore, it is recommended that those who travel to Thailand between 1-8 November 2021 should register via https://coethailand.mfa.go.th/ to obtain a Certificate of Entry (COE) by 31 October 2021. The CoE already issued by the Embassy can still be used. Travelers can contact AQ hotels directly to request a refund of their stay after the first night.


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