Dokumenter / documents:

Alle officielle dokumenter fra Danmark skal:

  1. være på engelsk
  2. legaliseres af det Danske Udenrigsministeriums legaliseingsafdeling
  3. afleveres til ambassaden
All official documents from Denmark must:

  1. be in English
  2. be legalized by the legalization department of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. be submitted to the Embassy 

Bemærk: legaliseringsomkostninger til den Thailandske ambassade jf. gældende tarif (pt. kr. 120,- pr. dokument). 

Note: legalization fee to the Thai Embassy according to current rate (presently Dkr. 120,- / pr. document). Payment must be made with cash only.

It can take approximately  3 working days to issue the document. 

!!It is not possible to get the document on the same day!!

– Power of Attorney/Certify Signature for Applicant who is not a Thai National

The Royal Thai Embassy in Copenhagen does not hold the power to certify other nationals’ signatures. Therefore, we required you to first have your signature signed, witnessed by a Danish solicitor or a Notary Public and then send your document(s) to be legalized by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After the mentioned process is completed, you can send the document(s) to be legalized by the Royal Thai Embassy.

Den Kongelige Thailandske Ambassade

Norgesmindevej 18,

2900 Hellerup

For Inquiries: +45 3962 5010 (Press 1 for Consulate)

13:00-15:45 hrs. Only or Contact via Email address:


Det danske Udenrigsministerium

Asiatisk Plads 2

1448 Købehavn K

Telefon 33 92 00 00


Embassy of Denmark

10, Sathorn Soi 1
South Sathorn Road
Bangkok 10120


Tlf.: +66 (0)2 343 1100
Fax: +66 (0)2 213 1752


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