Retirement Visa O (Basic)

Non Immigrant Category O for retirement

Important Information:

    • The best time to apply for a visa is approximately 4 weeks before traveling and 6 weeks if you apply by post.
    • When applying for a visa at the Royal Thai Embassy, it is required that the applicants use and submit an application form from the Royal Thai Embassy only. Applicants are to bring the documents as listed in their subjected visa category along with the application form.
    • Applications lacking any required documents will not be processed and will be returned to the applicant immediately.

Personal contact at the Embassy (No-booking)

  • Submission of visa application along with the requested documents is between 10.00 hrs. – 12.00 hrs. and 13.00 hrs. – 15.00 hrs. from Monday to Friday(except official holidays).
  • Collection of visa is also between 10.00 hrs. – 12.00 hrs. and 13.00 hrs. – 15.00 hrs.
  • Visa applications submitted at the Embassy in person will take approximately 5 working daysduring the low season (March – September) and up to 10 working days during the high season (October – February).
  • The Embassy does not provide copy service and all copies must be made in A4 paper.

*Postal application* (This service is temporarily suspended under the COVID-19 circumstance. It is highly recommended to send the required documents to for approval before visiting the Embassy).

  • For visa applications sent to the Embassy by post, all the required documents must be in order.
  • Kindly enclose the visa fee in cashand a self-addressed envelope with appropriate postage (registered mail only) so that the Embassy can return the passport(s).
  • Approximately postage stamp is  150 kr.Please contact Postnordfor further information on postage stamps.
  • Visa applications sent to the Embassy by post will take up to 15 working days (3 weeks) in all seasons.
  • For postal visa applications sent to the Embassy from Iceland, Lithuania, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, visa fees are to be enclosed in Danish currency only.
  • Travelers who reside in Denmark and are expected to travel within a short time frame are strongly advised to submit the visa applications to the Embassy in person.
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Applicants applying for a non-immigrant O visa for retirement purpose must be at least 50 years of age and above and receive a monthly pension income of 65,000 baht (approximately 14,000 DKK after tax). 

Applicants are requested to submit the following documents.

  1. A duly completed application form.
  2. Actual passport (valid at least six months and in good condition for a single entry Non-Immigrant visa and valid at least one and a half year for one year Non-Immigrant visa with multiple entries)
  3. Copy of the passport (Do NOT attempt to cut the copy of your passport into a passport size.)
  4. Copy of the roundtrip tickets or reservation
  5. Proof of accommodation after the quarantine: Copy of hotel reservation / rental contract/deed. In case of residing with a family, an invitation from the host family along with a copy of their undersigned Thai ID or house registration is required.The name of the applicant must indicated clearly. (It is not enough to write the address on the application)  Example for Invitation Letter  / ตัวอย่างหนังสือเชิญ Example for Invitation Letter Thai 
  6. 1 x colored passport photo , size 4 X 5 cm., front-view, taken no longer than six months
  7. Copy of pension certificate showing a monthly income of at least 14,000 DKK after tax, eg. Årsopgørelse (this document can be obtained from the tax office or its website and NOT the bank statement. The bank statement is not considered as proof of pension but it can be a supplementary document if your monthly pension income is less than 65,000 Baht.) OR an official statement from pension institute certifying the pension income.
  8. Proof of health insurance that covers the whole duration of stay in Thailand. The health insurance policy must have coverage not less than 100,000.- DKK (400,000.- THB) per policy per year for Inpatient, and not less than 10,000.- DKK (40,000.- THB) per policy per year for Outpatient.
  9. In case the applicant wishes to apply for a Non-Immigrant visa for the spouse and the latter does not have enough pension income for his/her own application, the applicant may submit a copy of the marriage certificate as proof of relationship and how the income will be shared during the stay in Thailand
  10. If you are a non-Danish national residing in Denmark then you need a copy of the residence permit (opholdstilladelse) AND a copy of the yellow CPR card
  11. Citizens listed in the countries with additional requirements, please see section List of Certain Countries with Additional Requirements. Click here
  12. Appropriate fee in cash only click here

Each application must contain all the required documents. One copy of the document, e.g. flight ticket, cannot be shared with other applicants. Each applicant must have their own copy.

* All documents must be copied  in A4 size. Do NOT attempt to cut the copy of your passport into a passport size.*


Non-Immigrant Visa                                 500 DKK for single entry (3 months)

Non-Immigrant Visa                                 1,250 DKK for multiple entries (12 months)

The Embassy accepts visa payment only in cash. The Embassy does not accept credit cards, neither bank transfers nor other currencies than Danish Kroner.


  1. Kindly note that a single entry Non-Immigrant visa allows travellers to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand for three months only. An application for extension of stay permit is possible at the Thai Immigration Office provided that the applicants contact the Immigration in person with the required documents according to each category of visa.
  2. On the other hand, a multiple entries Non-Immigrant visa with one year validity allows a maximum stay in Thailand for three months per entry, meaning that travelers must leave the country every 90 days or contact the Thai Immigration for extension of stay permit.


* These are only the most common types of visa requested at the embassy. If the list does not answer your questions or you need to apply for a different type of visa, please contact the embassy staff at or call us at +45 39 62 50 10 ext.1. (13.00-15.45 hrs.)

**The Embassy does not provide copy service and all copies must be made in A4 paper.**


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