Visa Exemption for 6 Nationalities for the Purpose of Receiving Medical Services in Thailand

Visa Exemption for 6 Nationalities for the Purpose of Receiving Medical Services in Thailand


According to laws and regulations of the Ministry of Interior of Thailand, regarding visa exemption for 6 nationalities entering into Thailand for medical purposes, nationals of the following 6 countries are allowed to stay in Thailand without a visa not exceeding 90 days for the purpose of receiving medical treatments in the Kingdom.

  1. Kingdom of Bahrain
  2. State of Kuwait
  3. Sultanate of Oman
  4. State of Qatar
  5. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  6. United Arab Emirates


Holders of national passports or travel documents of the above mentioned countries are allowed to bring accompanying family members/entourage for the maximum of 3 persons who will also be exempted from visa and permitted to stay in the Kingdom no more than 90 days.

Documents to be presented at the Immigration Checkpoint prior entering the country:

1.Persons seeking medical treatments in Thailand

  • Relevant documents regarding medical treatments in Thailand such as appointment letters, medical certificates, or other related medical documents confirming hospitalization issued by the afore mentioned Thai hospitals, registered under the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand.
  • Financial documents regarding medical expenses such as documents certifying applicant to be entitled to medical expenses or compensation with/or other related documents issued by relevant authorities of those six countries.

2. Accompanying caretakers including family members and hired personal assistants

  • Accompanying family members such as parents, spouses, children both biological and adoptive must present proofs of familial relationship such as house registration, ID card, marriage certificate, birth certificate, certificate of parentage or paternity/maternity affidavit in case of non-marital relationship.
  •  Accompanying members who are hired caretakers, must present signed work contract or certified employment letter of intent from the applicant. In addition, the applicant must a) attach the list of accompanying members and b) sign the list.

In case the accompanying caretakers do not hold national passports or travel documents from the six above mentioned countries and are NOT nationals of visa-exempt countries, they MUST apply for a visa according to visa requirements of Thailand.

The visa exemption scheme for medical purpose of the six countries is to be effective from 5 January 2013.

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